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Clean KSDK 2.x project, how do you add USB?

Question asked by Chris Keeser on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by Visakhan C

I'm trying to add USB to a clean KDS 3.2 KSDK 2.x project.  I found this related post : How to add USB Middleware on my KDS+KSDK Project but the described steps are incomplete and so far I have been unable to even successfully compile the project.

I copied the files from the middleware folders and example project into my project and added them as include paths for the compiler:





I removed the 'kds' folder from the example 'bm' directory after the copy to prevent any confusion with the kds project files.

I need the project to be stand-alone (cannot link files in the KSDK 2.x directory) since the entire (complete) project must be included in version control.


In summary, what are the steps to add the USB middleware to a clean KSDK 2.x project in KDS 3.2?