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Help about Bootloader

Question asked by Danilo Lima on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by Hui_Ma
I need a lot of help on a program I'm doing. It works as follows: 1-They are two programs, one is the bootloader and the other the program that is read by
the bootloader; 2-The second I use the .hex file of it and write the data in the flash memory of the first,
from position 0x10000; 3-In the first program after recording all the data I give a JumpToUserApplication to position
0x10000; I am using frdm k64F. I want to know a few things: 1-Is it okay to do this? 2-As for the .hex file of the second program, do I record all of it in flash memory of the
first program? I've read and tried to understand the bootloaders that are present in this community,
like Alice's. But I want to do an easier and faster bootloader,
because it will only
record the second program on the first and run it, nothing more.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Note: Sorry for bad English.