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lpc812 mbed keeps disconnecting, showing as a usb drive

Question asked by Sven Savic on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by Sven Savic

I think something is wrong with my board. I just received it, so I dont know what is suppose to be the normal operation, but this for sure seems like a malfunctioning board.


My board keeps connecting/disconnecting from my laptop. Shows as a portable device in device manager and it brings the "usb drive" with mbed.htm file and fail.txt which contains string "TIMEOUT". It keeps flashing D4 USB Disk LED and D3 and D5 are on. I cannot connect to it through LPCXpresso 8.2.


If I put the power on while holding the reset button, then I get usb drive with firmware.bin file in it. Still not connecting to LPCXpresso.


Any tips ? Or should I return the board and ask for new one ?