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How to control MIPI PHY power supply

Question asked by ko-hey on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2017 by igorpadykov

Hi all



I want to know how to control MIPI PHY power. supply.

I'm using i.MX7D and have a custom board.



How can I powered off the VDDA_PHY_1P8 ?

According to the P483 and 484 of RM, SW_PHY_1P8 seem to be able to power off.

Also the power rail of VDDA_1P8_IN has a switch in figure 5-9. (Please see the following blue circle I pointer out.) 


As a result, it must be have register to ON/OFF the VDDA_PHY_1P8.

Could you tell me which register can control the VDDA_PHY_1P8 ?




Is there any way to put CPU in Deep Sleep mode with keeping LP11 ?

Currently, if you set the CPU to Deep Sleep, the MIPI D - PHY lane will be fixed to 0V.



Also, can you maintain D-PHY LP11 with VDDA_MIPI_1P0 dropped?



I would like to put the MIPI D-PHY in the state of LP11 (MIPI standby) to the state of low power consumption on the CPU side.