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Re: ADC External Channels Usage in MPC746C

Question asked by Kavitha Kakarla on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by David Tosenovjan
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Thanks for the explanation.

To be more clear Iam looking for the below details:

For example Assume, ADC0_X[0] (external channels 64 to 71 of MPC5764C) is been connected to an external 8:1 MUX and ADC0_MA[0] to ADC0_MA[2] are configured for the select lines. And the ADC0_CTR2 register is updated to enable normal conversion for the channels 64 to 71.

And now if the ADC0_MA[0] to ADC0_MA[2] is been updated to select the ADC Channel 67, and the normal conversion is started with ADC0_MCR[NSTART]=1. 

Will the ADC converts all the channels from 64 to 71 (since all these channels are enabled for Normal Conversion with ADC0_CTR2 register)


Only the channel 67 will be converted since the select lines for external MUX are configured to output only Channel 67.