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mcf5441x, instruction cache enable issue

Discussion created by Angelo Dureghello on Jun 1, 2017
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Dear all,


i am still in the process to have a new custom board with mcf54415 booting u-boot from sbf and spi - nor.


Actually, SBF works, some code is loaded to internal SRAM and then full u-boot is loaded in SRAM (DDR2) after proper DDR2 initialization.

Btw, when u-boot sets CONFIG_SYS_CACHE_ACR6 and finally CONFIG_SYS_CACHE_ICACR (so enable instruction cache from DDR2,) the system seems to hang.


Some info on the issue:


  • My u-boot board config.h i more or less the same of M54418TWR.h except some parts i don't need.
  • I am using an assembly square wave to see where the code stops

/* square 54415 */
#define PAR_BE          0xEC094049
#define PAR_FBCTL     0xEC094048
#define PODR_A          0xEC094000
#define PDDR_A          0xEC09400C

.globl __square
     move.l     #0xFC04002f, %a1
     move.b     #37, (%a1)

     move.l     #PAR_BE, %a0
     move.b     #0x00, (%a0)
     move.l     #PAR_FBCTL, %a0
     move.b     #0x00, (%a0)          /* PA0 to 7 set as gpio */
     move.l     #PDDR_A, %a0
     move.b     #0xff, (%a0)
     move.l     #PODR_A, %a0
__sq1:     move.b     #0xff, (%a0)
     move.b     #0x00, (%a0)
     bra     __sq1


  • I see that code is properly read from SPI NOR, properly copied to DDR2, and properly executed from DDR2 on initial steps.
    board_init_f_alloc_reserve()   passed, ok
    board_init_f_init_reserve() passed ok
    cpu_init_f() --> icache_enable()  cpu seems to hang here, or in anyway, i can't see dbg square wave anymore.

The involved code is

From board.h

/* Cache Configuration */
#define ICACHE_STATUS               (CONFIG_SYS_INIT_RAM_ADDR + \
                          CONFIG_SYS_INIT_RAM_SIZE - 8)

#define DCACHE_STATUS               (CONFIG_SYS_INIT_RAM_ADDR + \
                          CONFIG_SYS_INIT_RAM_SIZE - 4)

                          CF_ADDRMASK(CONFIG_SYS_SDRAM_SIZE) | \
                          CF_ACR_EN | CF_ACR_SM_ALL)

                          CF_CACR_ICINVA | CF_CACR_EUSP)

                          CF_CACR_DEC | CF_CACR_DDCM_P | \
                          CF_CACR_DCINVA) & ~CF_CACR_ICINVA)

From cache.c

void icache_invalid(void)
     u32 temp;

     if (*cf_icache_status)
          temp |= CONFIG_SYS_CACHE_ICACR;

     __asm__ __volatile__("movec %0, %%cacr"::"r"(temp));

void icache_enable(void)

     *cf_icache_status = 1;

#if defined(CONFIG_CF_V4)
     __asm__ __volatile__("movec %0, %%acr2"::"r"(CONFIG_SYS_CACHE_ACR2));
     __asm__ __volatile__("movec %0, %%acr3"::"r"(CONFIG_SYS_CACHE_ACR3));
#elif defined(CONFIG_CF_V4e)
     __asm__ __volatile__("movec %0, %%acr6"::"r"(CONFIG_SYS_CACHE_ACR6));
     __asm__ __volatile__("movec %0, %%acr7"::"r"(CONFIG_SYS_CACHE_ACR7));
     __asm__ __volatile__("movec %0, %%acr0"::"r"(CONFIG_SYS_CACHE_ACR0));
     __asm__ __volatile__("movec %0, %%acr1"::"r"(CONFIG_SYS_CACHE_ACR1));

     __asm__ __volatile__("movec %0, %%cacr"::"r"(CONFIG_SYS_CACHE_ICACR));
     __square();  <<-- never reeached


  • I already found an issue, the CONFIG_CF_V4e is never entered since in cache.h it is misteriously defined as CONFIG_CF_V4E (upper E). Fixing this allows to set ACR6 but nothing changes, still code "seems" to stop
    in line 51 above.


If any hint, welcome,