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iMX6 DL Getting Damaged

Question asked by Sohail Akram on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2017 by igorpadykov

Hi All,


We have designed our custom iMX6 DL board based on SABRE SDP. 


Our application gets Video and Pictures from Ethernet which are then displayed on and LED display though HDMI Output. Yesterday, we were testing our application on our custom board and suddenly board stopped working. The iMX6 got extremely hot. We removed iMX6 from our board and found that pin K21 (EIM_EB0) was damaged/fried up. Please see attached images showing the pin. We are not using pin K21 yet and kept it available as GPIO on external header. However, in software the pin is configured as DISP1_DATA11; we never changed its default status.


Today we tested our second board and after few hours of testing, the board also stopped working. We are not sure yet if some problem occurred in this board as well. We will de-solder the iMX6 tomorrow and will verify if damage was to pin K21. 


We made 10 prototype boards and all boards passed stress test (stressapptest). 


Can someone please let us know if they have experienced anything like that or have a clue to what is happening with our boards. 


Please see the attached pictures. 


Thanks All,