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LPC824 SCT misses input events

Question asked by Remco Poelstra on Jun 1, 2017
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I'm using the SCT to monitor a watchdog signal. The signal toggles at a rate of 10Hz.

I've defined two events. One for the rising edge and one for the falling edge. They both capture (and limit) the counter and they set (event 0) or clear (event 1) an output pin.

The LED connected to the output pin blinks very irregularly and when I enable interrupts on the events and inspect the captured value, I noticed that it's sometimes around 3e6, which boils down to 100ms (counter is running at 30MHz), while the events should occur every 50ms, again indicating a missed event.

I inspected the watchdog signal with a scope and it looks very clean.


What could be the cause of the missed events?


Thanks in advance.


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Remco Poelstra