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Connecting to LS1021A via JTAG shows "LS1020A: Core not responding"

Question asked by rahulr on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by rahulr

I am trying to program the eMMC flash on our custom board (with LS1021A pkrocessor) using CodeWarrior TAP. Since this is a new board (with no RCW), I used the JTAG override feature of the CodeWarrior TAP device. When I try to connect to the board, I get the error message Error message: LS1020A: Core not responding and the log file contains Error message: LS1020A: Core not responding.


RCW source configuration:

cfg_rcw_src0[8:0] = 0b000000100 (RCW source is eMMC/SD)

CodeWarrior project configuration:

custom target -> /opt/Freescale/CW4NET_v2016.01/CW_ARMv7/ARMv7/ARM_Support/Configuration_Files/jtag_chains/LS102xATWR_RCW_1000-300-1600.txt

Initialization script -> /opt/Freescale/CW4NET_v2016.01/CW_ARMv7/ARMv7/ARM_Support/Configuration_Files/LS1021A/LS1021A_TWR_OCRAM_Init.tcl

Memory configuration file -> /opt/Freescale/CW4NET_v2016.01/CW_ARMv7/ARMv7/ARM_Support/Configuration_Files/LS1021A/LS1021A_TWR.mem


I can program the SD card on the LS1021A-TWR development board using the exact same project. Why am I getting the  LS1020A: Core not responding error on my custom board?


CodeWarrior connection log is attached.

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