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MPC5748G PASS Module Setup / Flash Locking

Question asked by Colin O'Flynn on May 31, 2017
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I'm trying to work with the PASS module for flash locking. As a first step I wanted to test my ability to set the password up without actually 100% bricking my device (I can switch devices with some hassle, so am OK doing a few permanent tests). I did the following:


1) Setup password groups by programming 400120 - 4001C0 (JTAG + group0/1/2/3). Is EVERY bit sequence a valid password? As a test I programmed one to alternating FF's and 00's.... . I wanted something simple as one group.

2) Setup DCF records to CLEAR all the pwgroup lock bits. I wanted to make it easy for me to debug this thing without worrying about the flash being locked.

3) Using debugger, confirm DCF records loaded and all expected things unlocked.

4) Move device to OEM Production lifecycle.


The problem is I can't seem to write the password & have the PGL bit cleared. I've tried the following:


PASS.CIN[0].R = 0x00000000;
PASS.CIN[1].R = 0x00000000;
PASS.CIN[3].R = 0x00000000;
PASS.CIN[6].R = 0x00000000;
PASS.CIN[7].R = 0x00000000;

if (PASS.PG[pwgroup].LOCK3.B.PGL){
} else {


I've tried with other PW groups (that have random passwords in case FF's was not allowed). But it never seems to clear this bit (nor can I set/clear bits that should be unlocked). I've read over this section a few times and am still confused about what errors I could have made.


I've tried various orders of words (as there is mention about writing MSB to CIN7), but not sure which order the password is in UTEST? Is there any other examples/documentation?


I'm using P&E for programming/debug.




  -Colin O'Flynn