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i.MX7 pinmux: XTALOSC output to pad GPIO1_IO02?

Question asked by Jonah Petri on May 31, 2017
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I have found an inconsistency in the i.MX7 dual reference manual, and it would be helpful to me to know which part is correct.


I want to get at the 32k XTALOSC clock.  I note that the mux options in IMX7DRM, Ch 8, lists the following:


To me, this says that if I configure mux option Alt4 on the GPIO1_IO02 pad mux settings, that I will get the 32k XTALOSC signal as an output on that pad.  However, when I look at the actual mux settings for that pad, there's no mention of Alt4, nor of XTALOSC.



So, will I get a 32k clock if i set ALT4?  Is this supported?