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iMX6 deinterlacing MIPI frame with top/bottom field on same buffer

Question asked by edison.fernandez on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by edison.fernandez

HI all,


I'm trying to capture 1080i60 video from a TC358743 which has a mipi interface. As specified by the reference manual I'm using Non-Gated mode ("When working with MIPI, the non-gated mode should be configured.").


I'm able to capture the video in the right rate: 30 frames per second (60 fields per second) but the problem is that it is in field sequential order (all the scan lines of the top filed followed by all the scan lines for the bottom) and I'm not being able to deinterlace this video with the IPU as it only works if the fields are interleaved.  Attach you'll see a couple of pictures describing my issue: the one called original is my test pattern, in this picture all the even lines are white and all the odd lines are black so you end up with a white and a black field, the one called interlaced is what I get in the iMX6, you can see how half of the picture is white and half of the picture is black so I'm getting both fields.


Knowing this I have a couple of questions:


1. Is there a way of deinterlacing this video in the iMX6? As mentioned before, I have only been able of dinterlacing video when in comes  interleaved (even lines of a frame correspond to one field and odd lines to the other).


2. Is there a way of making the iMX6 to give the frame in the way the deinterlacer is expecting it?


Not sure if this is a limitation of the MIPI interface in the iMX6 as I haven't had any problem when using the parallel interface.


Thanks a lot for your help.