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if the MAC57D5xx DRAM controller supporting DDR3?

Question asked by gq zhang on May 31, 2017
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The MAC57D5xx DRAM controller supporting DDR3?

Does the Expandable Memory Interfaces DDR2 of MAC57D5xx Features can be replaced by Expandable Memory Interfaces DDR3?


For example MAC57D5-516DC Evaluation Board – Schematic DDR2 (MT47H64M16NF-25E:M)


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MAC57D5xx DIS MCUs for Automotive Instrument Cluster

Cortex-A5, 32-bit CPU (Application processor)

Floating point unit (FPU) supporting double-precision floating-point operations


Expandable Memory Interfaces

} 2 x Dual Quad SPI serial flash controllers (including Hyper Flash™ support)
} Supports SDR and DDR serial flash
} DRAM controller supporting SDR and DDR2


Graphics Features
} Viv ante GC355 GPU supporting Open VG™ 1.1