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MCP5777C 3N45H STCU2 Offline test Issues

Question asked by Ben Lee on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by Peter Vlna



I have been trying to test offline BIST for quite some time and haven't been successful.  I followed AN5288 and tried the script provided, and still was not successful.


Here is the screenshot of the registers after reset:



As you can see, it was set up to run both MBIST & LBIST.  The pointer in CFG points to MBIST0.  MY XOSC is @ 32MHz, so I set PLL_CFG to 8, 2, 25 (0x19) to set the clock to 50 MHz. (32 x 25 / 16). My watchdog is set to 61.44ms, like what the application note was showing.



Once out of reset, the ERR_STAT register shows there were some recoverable faults, and the watchdog timer has expired.   My MBSL / MBSM /  MBSH / MBEL / MBEM / MBEH are all 0's which I think means none of them has run.  I see contents in MISREHn / MISRELn / MISRRLn / MISRRHn so I think the registers are being written.  I am just not sure why it's not being executed.


This is my MBIST control registers settings.




I also have a non-OTP part, which means I can keep erasing & rewriting UTEST region (0x400300 ~) region.  I am not sure if that matters but I am erasing & rewriting the entire DCF records.  I've attached the DCF record I am using to test it.  



Is anything I am doing look incorrect, or suspicious?  Any help will be appreciated.