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How to change RAM Data Bus width imx6?

Question asked by Hisham El Meligi on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by Hisham El Meligi
  • I am trying to benchmark the effect of downsizing the RAM bus from 64 bus to 16 bits, so I used “DDRx register programming aid” file to get the dcd value for 16 bit bus width, it just changed the the DSIZ-setting in the MDCTL-register of MMDC0
    • DATA 4 0x021b0000 0x821A0000(for 64 bit bus) to DATA 4 0x021b0000 0x8218000 (for 16 bit bus)
  • But after changing the bus width from 64-bits to 16-bits in the DCD, only (1/4) of the RAM is read properly in initialization function of U-Boot ;int dram_init(void) uses the function get_ram_size to validate the RAM available.
  • Am I missing anything regarding this benchmark? how shall I change the bus width properly?