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Why the value of the UART1_D register is different from the one I send with a terminal?

Question asked by Benjamin Heder on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by Benjamin Heder

Hello everyone,


First of all, I beg you pardon for my english level which is pretty catastrophic.


Then I'm using the FRDM-K66 and I'm working on the Uart reception.
In order to check the UART reception I send characters from a terminal to the board through a PL2303 cable wich allows serial communication.

Output pins of this cable are properly plugged into the good board pins for UART1 transmission (PTC3 and PTC4).


What I have already tried:

- I've already checked settings of the serial communication for the terminal and for the UART.

- I have also checked the value of the character sent with a scope.

- I've tried the SDK example entitled "driver_example_uart_polling". However the UART_D register value is the same than the character sent. It is the perfect proof that my code is wrong.

- In the UART_D register of my code there are no coherence between values. For instance if I send a "A", the value will be 0xbf. Then if I send a "B", the value will be 0xbf too. 0xbf is not even in ASCII table.



Any idea please?


Best regards,