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TFF101xHN used as C-band satellite down-converter

Question asked by Fregolent Mauro on May 29, 2017



I'm looking for devices to be used as C-band satellite down-converters and therefore with local oscillator frequency in the 4 / 5 GHz range.

NXP has very nice TFF101xHN devices which can be used as Ku-band satellite down-converter.

I quite convinced that TFF101xHN cannot be used as C-band converters even by special tricks (i.e. lower crystal frequency) because the integrated VCO is designed to oscillate between 9 / 12 GHz range, but I could be wrong.


1. Can TFF101xHN be used as C-band down-converter even if is out of their specification?

2. Does NXP have other low-cost integrated circuits that can be used as C-band down-converter?


Thank you in advance for your support.