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microphone test for MCIMX6DLAICPU2

Question asked by Abhirup Mitra on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by Artur Petukhov

hi ,


I am unable to record form microphone in MCIMX6DLAICPU2. I used arecord command to record from mic but unable to play using aplay command.


I dont know how to use amixer alsamixer and I followed the instructions in the given link:

How to record audio from on-board microphone on SABRE-SDB i.MX6sx 


but still didn't get any help out of that. The codec which is there in board is CS42888 and the alsamixer is detecting the chip.



Let me know if anything has to be enabled in yocto BSP.



Please help me out in this.



Abhirup Mitra