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mcf54415 sbf header and boot issue

Question asked by Angelo Dureghello on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Angelo Dureghello

Hi all,


i am trying booting u-boot using SBF and a SPI NOR flash. I am actually flashing the spi NOR with a small tool i did running from sram.

So, i program the SPI NOR with an u-boot (derived from the fsl TWR system, so same start.S) but prepending the binary with the 7 bytes of sbf header just before.


So from the above SBF header i would boot just a chunk of 32k. I see by scope 32k of data read from the SPI NOR correctly.


Btw, no code seems executed just after this load.


Is it possible this is due to some incorrect SBF_RCON setup ?

I have a 30Mhz crystal so if anyone have a sbf header i can test, as proven to work, that's welcome.


Many thanks,