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lpcopen libs for LPC1113

Question asked by Daniel Kowalski on May 29, 2017
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Where can I find LPCOpen library package for LPC1113 MCU? (302 version)

I downloaded LPCOpen for LPC11xx, (V1.02, v1.03) it worked for LPC11Axx, but register definitions for LPC1113 are somewhat messed up.


LPC_IOCON structure is missing few registers, for example SCK_LOC and similar mentioned in UM10398.

(I suppose there was a change in iocon register addressing between LPC111X and LPC11Axx, LPC11Axx have therm numbered in order, so You can write LPC_IOCON->PIO0[4] = something; and access configuration register for PIO0_4, but LPC1113 iocon registers order seems to be in total chaos - see page 74 of UM10398).


IOCON registers for LPC1113 are defined correctly in legacy CMSIS_CORE_LPC11XX (which was not updated since few years now).


Where can I find correct LPCOpen for LPC1113?