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How can I implement the CSI 4 data lanes in the S32V234?

Discussion created by hyungjoon jeon on May 29, 2017

Hi,I am working on the customizing board referring to S32V234 evb board.

We use the 2 csi lanes with ov10640 sensor.

It seems to be same configuration with S32V234 evb board.

we use customizing S32 design studio s/w code based on linux.

At the S32 design studio s/w code, the csi driver seems to support 1,2,4 lanes.

so ,I change the csi config value(Lanes = 2 ->4)and ov10640 sensor config value(2->4)

I didn't change the data frequency on CSI interface,

because csi driver seems to be calculated the data frequency automatically.

but, the result was bad. No irq was happened in  CSI_irqHandler after changed the config value(2->4).


I have a question. Is this possible to implement the CSI 4 data lanes at the S32V234 evb board with OV10640 sensor?

If it's possible,How can I implement the 4 data lane with OV10640 sensor?

the other question is that :

At S32 design studio s/w code, In case of MAXIM OV10640,application code seems to support this 4 data lanes case

 typedef enum CSI_CameraType_t
} CSI_CameraType_t;

 What does MAX OV10640 mean? Can I use this procedure?