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ucc hdlc(ucc7) in mpc8309twr ,interrupt handler not getting called on data reception

Question asked by Muazzam Husain on May 26, 2017

Hi all,

        I am writing HDLC controller driver for mpc8309twr on UCC7 means HDLC_1,So after all configuration am able to get ppp data on RXD pin of processor,BUT the interrupt handler which i have registered ,that is not executing,

as well as clock TX and RX both are OK.

TXD is also OK only for 7e pattern. But when try to send some data not going too.

my main question is on reception of data on RXD pin ,why my handler is not executing.

my dts file looks like ,

hdlc0@2600 {
            device_type ="network";
            compatible ="ucc_hdlc";
            cell-index = <7>;
            rx-clock-name = "clk14";
            tx-clock-name = "clk13";
            reg = <0x2600 0x200>;
            interrupts = <42>;
            interrupt-parent = <&qeic>;

in _probe function ,for ethernet suppose  interrupts = <32> , so after irq_parse_map function i get irq=18.whereas in my case ucc7 ,i get same 42.

i have attached my entire code,Your answers are well appreciated.

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