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Configuring CPC as I/O stash on t1040

Question asked by Samuel Stearley on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by Yiping Wang

I would like to ensure that data received over PCIe or Ethernet is available in L3 for quick processing.


Are there any examples or documentation explaining how to configure a portion of the CPC as I/O stash on a t1040?


I imagine that I'll have to 1) create a partition, 2) setup the partition ID register to match the I/O traffic, 3) assign a couple of the L3 ways to this new partition.


What do the bits in the CPC partition ID register represent?  On a different SOC, the p4080, they are a bit array of CSD_IDs, however the t1040 does not have any CSD_IDs in the LAWs.


The simple lazy implementation: ?

As a starting point, is it enough that I set the "DSTALLOC" bit in the default partition register "CPC_CPCPAR0" ? Then all possible writes from anywhere (to ddr) will allocate in L3 ?  Including writes from I/O ?  This would be a first cut implementation as it won't dedicate any of the cache ways to the I/O traffic.