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Different behavior on iMX6 ENET interface

Question asked by Amanda Frame on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by Artur Petukhov

We are trying to bring-up the ENET interface on an iMX6 on a new revision of a PCBA.  We are running off of the same SD card image (same BSP/driver) used for the previous version of the PCBA, the hardware design of the ENET interface on both revisions of the boards is essentially the same BUT we are seeing different behavior on the transmit traffic coming out of the iMX6 and we are unable to communicate with the Ethernet switch with the newest revision.  The new revision of board appears to be sending about 30us worth of data less than the previous version. Comparing the registry settings for the 2 different revisions we see differences in the following (everything else is the same):


ENET.PALR Addr:0x021880E4 Value:0x921128B9
ENET.PALR.PADDR1(0..31) :0x921128b9


ENET.PAUR Addr:0x021880E8 Value:0xF1238808

ENET.PAUR.PADDR2(16..31)   :0xf123


ENET.GAUR Addr:0x02188120 Value:0x00400010
ENET.GAUR.GADDR1(0..31) :0x400010


ENET.ATVR Addr:0x02188404 Value:0x20BA00D0
ENET.ATVR.ATIME(0..31) :0x20ba00d0


Comparing the package labeling on the 2 versions of the iMX6 we see:




Ideally we would like to get the new revision working the same as the old revision (because that worked with the Ethernet switch).  Are there any changes in the processor dies that would cause this differing behavior?