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iMX6qsabresd--TFTP&NFS problem

Question asked by zhang meiyu on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by Yuri Muhin

Hi :


I have started ubuntu14.04.1 on the board through i.MX6q SABRE Board for Smart Devices - Linux on ARM - eewiki   ,all the things needed are in the SD card.Now i want to start the linux kernel through TFTP and access the rootfs on the host via NFS.Through the first way I got the image file named zImage and the rootfs supposed it named ubuntu14.04.1. I have put them in the TFTP shared directory and NFS shared directory in the host.Then I should set the parameters on the UBOOT command line which has done as follow:

setenv ipaddr  <myipaddr>

setenv serverip <my serverip>

setenv gatewayip <my gatewayip>

setenv ehtaddr <my ethaddr>

setenv ip_dyn no 

setenv nfsroot /home/nfs

setenv image zImage

setenv loadaddr 0x12000000


ok,the problem is that,I don't know how to set the remaining parameters such as bootargs,bootcmd or more else…… 

And I want to know if the image and the rootfs I used are correct, if not ,can someone provide me a correct one?


Thanks a lot .