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How can i use HC-SR04(Ultrasonic Sensor) with FRDM-TFC shield , KL25Z Board?

Question asked by Cristi Stancana on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by xiangjun.rong


I want to make a self-parking car with KL25Z board and FRDM-TFC Board(tfc kit for freescale cup). I can move the car forward ,backward , left and right and now i want to use HC-SR04 Sensor to measure distance to see if is enough space for parking and i found some problems:

1.I saw that the Sensor has 4 PINS (Vcc +5V,GND,Trig,Echo) the problem is that the board can give only 3.3V do you think it will work or i will need to use another source.

2.The library that i use is from here :  and i don t know exactly how to integrate that sensor in the code.

3.I understood the functionality of the sensor but i don t know exactly how to implement it.


If somebody have another idea how to measure the distance in any other which will work with that code i will really appreciate. 


I will need to finish that project until 15 June , if anyone can help me with those problem i will appreciate a lot .


Thank You!


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