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Question asked by mo shu on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by mo shu

Hi! I have got a problem that I bought  a wrong USB Tap.The part number is CWH-UTP-PPCD-HE which is DPI interface.But the debug interfce that I need is JTAG.Now,Can you offer a  correct part number of the JTAG interface Code Warrior USB Tap for debuging PowerPC processor T2080 and MPC8640D,or is there some file that introduce the simulator's ordering information? If there is a convertor can change the DPI to JTAG interface? Or is there someone could change this simulator to JTAG interface? And can I do some change to the CWH-UTP-PPCD-HE USB Tap to make it to JTAG interface as some file's guide? And is there some suggestion? Thanks!