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Wireless Uart Addressing Mode - ZigBee

Discussion created by Marion Kristoffer Lao on Aug 15, 2008
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Hi to all,
         I have a problem regarding the beestack wireless uart code. it seems that the code is only useful if i use one end device and one coordinator. i encountered a problem when i used 2 end devices. it seems that when i press sw3 in order for the end devices to bind to the coordinator, only one end device was able to do so. the other end device wasn't able to bind with the coordinator. are there ways wherein i can be able to connect 2 or more end devices to a single coordinator using wireless uart? i have already searched through the BSRM.pdf file. it seems that there is a problem in the addressing mode of the wireless uart which uses indirect addressing. can someone help me or teach me on how to convert this indirect addressing to a direct one, just like the custom application given by BSADG.pdf?was wireless uart or any of the demo applications intended to be used in a one coordinator to one end device situation? many thanks for the reply!
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