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[MPC5777C] Software vector mode Vs. Hardware vector mode

Question asked by JONGMIN NA on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by Martin Kovar

Dear NXP engineers,


I want to know which one is more faster and efficient between Software vector and Hardware vector.

Because I am using ETAS RTAOS for our ECU. RTAOS default vector mode is Hardware vector mode.

But As you know, We should align to 64KB for IVPR in case of Hardware vector mode using.

So sometimes It could make memory waste.


For example, Vector starts at 0x00945000, Actual assigned address will be 0x0095_0000.

0xB000 will be wasted for alignment.


So If there is no significant advantage about performance, such as CPU throughput, Stack uage, so on, I want to use Software vector mode.

Our OS also support software vector mode.


Please let me know your opinion.


Thank you!