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i.MX6 Dual SCM Pin Mux and Processor datasheet version

Question asked by Ashvin Geete on May 25, 2017
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We are using i.MX6 Dual SCM consumer 1GB LPDDR2 in or design,

We have below queries related to the SCM module:

1. Since there is no pin mux tool available for SCM module, so to use SCM pins other than as mentioned in SCM datasheet we need to use some pin mux tool, so we have used i.MX Pins Tool v2.0, Version: 2.0 , Date: 12-October-2016,

and selected I.MX6 Dual and MCIMX6DxxZK as package. is that the correct assumption?

or  is there any other way (or tool) to define the pin mux for scm?

2. In the SCM datasheet SCMIMX6DQ, Rev. 0 , 02/2016, it is mentioned everywhere that we should refer i.MX 6Dual/6Quad consumer datasheet (Document Number: IMX6DQCEC), while I am referring the i.MX6 Dual consumer pop package datasheet IMX6DQCPOPEC, Rev. 0, 03/2015 , which one is correct to refer.

3. we are interfacing TLV320AIC3120 audio codec over AUDMUX5 as I2S, but we dont have any MCLK signal available in processor, can we use CSI0_MCLK for this purpose with option to connect with any GPIO?