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Do you have the startup code for configuring DA7212 codec on FRDM K66 board?

Question asked by Vishnu S on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by Vishnu S

So far, this is what I have tried:



I2C_MasterTransferCreateHandle(I2C0, &g_m_handle, i2c_master_callback, NULL);






uint8_t data[2];

i2c_master_config_t masterConfig;


masterConfig.baudRate_Bps = I2C_BAUDRATE;

sourceClock = CLOCK_GetFreq(I2C0_CLK_SRC);

I2C_MasterInit(I2C0, &masterConfig, sourceClock);

i2c_master_transfer_t masterXfer;
memset(&masterXfer, 0, sizeof(masterXfer));

masterXfer.slaveAddress = 0x1AU;
masterXfer.direction = kI2C_Read;
masterXfer.subaddress = 0x2;
masterXfer.subaddressSize = 0; = &data;
masterXfer.dataSize = 1;
masterXfer.flags = kI2C_TransferNoStopFlag;


I2C_MasterTransferNonBlocking(I2C0, &g_m_handle, &masterXfer);

/* wait for transfer completed. */
while ((!nakFlag) && (!completionFlag))

nakFlag = false;

if (completionFlag == true)
completionFlag = false;
find_device = true;


This is based out of the Accelerometer demo application that was part of the KSDK bundle.

I am trying to read DA7212's status register. So far, no I2C interrupt itself is getting generated, and the code is stuck at while(!nakFlag). Please help.


Is there a sample application for using DA7212 in the FRDM K66 board?