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MBDToolbox License Failure

Question asked by Liao Howard on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by Liao Howard

Dear Engineer,

A license failure problem describe as below:

The MBDToolbox have installed in my computer c:\MBDToolbox.

I have got the license 'license.lic' and saved it into the path c:\MBDToolbox\mbdtbx_MPC574xP\lic\

And then I finished the two steps, (1)Target Compilers setting, S32DS_PA_TOOL = C:\Freescale\S32_Power_v1.1 (2)Path for Model Based Design Toolbox illustrated as document Model_Based_Design_Toolbox_Installation_Quick_Start.pdf.

Run a example 'adc_ctu_dma_model.mdl', but it appears a license error -9 as the attached figure.

How can I resolve it? Thank you!