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LS1020A: Issue observed with LPUART3

Question asked by AMOL SHROTRI on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by Pavel Chubakov



We have customized LS1020A based board. I could port u-boot and Linux kernel from SDK2.0. It seems every thing is working fine only thing we observed strange behavior with  LPUART3. While porting u-boot I have added support for new customized board, updated LPUART base to LPUART3 from LPUART1, so uboot should configure lpuart3 for 115200 baud rate as rest all parameters are same that of original, but we observed LPUART3 works with some odd baud rate, I have to configured putty on host for serial with 178000 baud rate. I checked with scope as well and observed same speed. And another thing M10 bit from LPUART Baud Rate Register is set to 1 so it indicate 10 bits data, but I have configure putty for 8 bit only. And if I set this M10 bit to 0 I am not getting any output on LPUART3. System clock (100MHz) and platform clock (300MHz) these are same that of LS1021atwr devkit.


Did anyone observe similar issue?


Thanks & Regards,

Amol M Shrotri