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Sending packets to a multicast address

Question asked by romainbazile on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by romainbazile

Hey there,


We are using the latest Thread stack version, with a KW21D512 used as a host-controlled device, set up to use a serial FSCI connection to an iMX6UL.

The HCD has been setup as a serial TUN device.


While sending normal unicast request works well, we found out that sending out requests to multicast address doesn't work.


We do it the following way: we send a CoAP GET request to a custom multicast address (which our device subscribe to) `coap://[FF03::ABBE:55E5]/m/version`.

The python VTUN interface shows the packet arriving, and forwards it to the radio. We have the `TX: 6000000000191101fd010000000000000000000000000002ff0300000000000000000000abbe55e582e21633001983a6480159225720e7c960ed8c82b16d026964`.


Except then, nothing happens over the air. The packet never shows up.

I believe this could be a simple setup problem, or a configuration in the HCD software.


Any hints or leads to solve that?