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Debugger errors - Multilink FX

Question asked by TurboMan on May 24, 2017
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I'm using a Multilink FX to connect to an MC56F8345.


I've verified the debugger is ok by connecting to a 56F84789, and also managed to connect to the 8345 previously.


Now when I try to connect to the target (56F8345) for a debug session, I get the following error:

Multilink FX Error message

I have tried the following:


* Multiple speeds (slowest, fastest, and others. Default is (24). )

* Creating a base example project for the 8345 using USB Tap and also separate project for Multilink FX

* Updating Multilink software

* Deleting the .metadata folder in the workspace and re-importing the CW10.6 project.

* Deleting the debug configuration and specifying a new one


None of the above has worked. I could connect into the target hardware last night, but have now lost that ability


Any suggestions welcome...