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How to add PWM-Output to Device-Tree for custom MPC5123-Board

Question asked by Steffen Doster on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by Pavel Chubakov


I want to use the GPT5 module on PIN AE3 on a custom MPC123-Board as a PWM.
I already routed the Pin to the GPT5_4 Output in Bootloader. My Devicetree doesn't reconfigure the Pins, so I think this should be OK.

But how can I configure the GPT-Module in Device-Tree?

Which Driver (compatible-String) does it use?


I already tried something like: (copied and modified from a MPC5200-Board)


gpt5: timer@B50 {
compatible = "fsl,mpc5121-gpt";
reg = <0xB50 0x10>;
/*interrupts = <1 14 0>;*/


in the SOC-Section. The timer does show up in /proc/device-tree/ but seem to be not connected to a driver.

Is there a driver anyway?

Is there any help out there? Pleeeeaaase!