Gábor Bence Szemes

How can we develop on the NXP RoadLINK chips? How can we buy those?

Discussion created by Gábor Bence Szemes on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by Marvin Yan

How does this NXP RoeadLINK platform work? I read that there is a cooperation between Cohda wireless and NXP about Cohda providing the software modules and NXP the hardware. But is it exclusive? The Cohda products are the only ones I found using NXP hardware and I did not find any resources about the RoadLINK chipset. No datasheets, no way to buy some...


Can you explain me please how this RoadLINK chipset line works? Who can buy some, who can develop with them? How can I buy and use them?


Thanks a lot in advance!