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porting lwip stack on MK60FN1M0xxx12 from KSDK 1.3

Question asked by hassan javed on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by Mark Butcher

hello, I want to port lwip stack(bare metal) on MK60FN1M0xxx12 series processor (on a proprietary board) and run the demo lwip examples in the SDK. It turns out the said SDK does not support my processor and neither do the latest SDK's: SDK2.0/mcuxpresso as given in the doc available here. The closest processor is MK60D10. 
So, I have created a project through processor expert in Kinetis design studio v3.0 by selecting my processor (without using SDK) and I was wondering if I could simply move the relevant files from the lwip demo examples, lwip folder from middleware and the ethernet driver from the platform folder in the SDK 1.3.


Many of the relevant files related to ethernet driver from the hal api or fsl api are not architecture dependent. So can I just copy them into my project along with the lwip demo and the lwip stack.

The problem is I don't know which files ( excluding the lwip and its demo examples ) are processor specific and need to be adjusted to suit my processor. Plus if there are any other configuration files that I need to add and modify apart from the ones already added by the processor expert.

Kindly, help me by identifying these files or let me know if there is an alternate way to do that. I am a beginner so any useful hints will help me  a lot.Thank you.

P.S. A possible solution in my mind is to edit the relevant files in MK60D10 to suit my processor MK60FN1 from the datasheet. But still need some opinion on this. Thanks again.