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how to transplant the KEA128BLDC project to MDK and make the BLDC work properly?

Question asked by Eric 李 on May 23, 2017

Dear All

Recently,I download the 'KEA128_BLDC_Sensorless' project from NXP ,and installed the BLDC function library'KEAx_AMMCLIB_v1.0.0' ,but the project is operated in codewarrior, I try to  transplant the project to MDK and met some problems:

I find these FUNC without definition,so ,Can these functions be found in NXP website or other place?

In BLDC function library ,these FUNC only make a statement,but in codewarrior the project was right,I was a little confused..

so ,what problems do I need to be aware of in the transplant process? And the KEA128BLDC MDK project exist?where can I find it? or find functions that are undefined .


Thank u;