56F8345 compilation / Flash memory bean problem

Discussion created by TurboMan on May 23, 2017
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   so I'm trying to compile a debug build of our code, the production build works fine, but debug doesn't build. Following error happens:


>FRun_and_wait_in_RAM(.RAW_RAM) in file FlashProgMemory_c.obj is referenced

>but has not been written.

>Check your linker command file.


In the C file, the function Run_and_wait_in_RAM is there, in it's own section. This section isn't declared in the linker file. I've tried changing it to ram that IS declared in the linker, and it still doesn't work.


So there's a pragma with the section define mapped to .RAW_RAM, and a pragma section end after the function. The functions are static ASM.


There are no processor expert beans for the flash, and I can't find any. It's a CW10.6 project.


Anyone with any ideas?