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Code size difference CW 10.7 versus classic CW

Question asked by Jay Moskowitz on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by Jay Moskowitz

I imported my HSC08 project from the Classic Code Warrior to the Eclipse version of CW (10.7). I rebuilt the entire project and compared the resultant maps. What I found is the v10.7 R section is $5A bytes larger than in the classic version, the R/W section is the same size and the Init section is one byte lower in v10.7 than it was in the classic version.


Any comments on the difference in code size?


Is v10.7 not generating as optimized code as the CW classic that it would have added 90 decimal byte to my code size? Is there a setting in v10.7 that sets different levels of optimization? As far as the smaller Init section, perhaps v10.7 reused a byte that the classic version did not optimize as well? Any ideas?