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Mk64 series uart problem using Processor expert.

Question asked by Sanket K on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by Alice_Yang

I have successfully configured my custom hardware using the processor expert to blink leds and use the uart functionality.

The processor expert generates code for internal clock of 32khz by default. My uart works fine with the baud rate of 9600.

Processor : MK64fn1m0vll12


Now I configure the external clock source using processor  expert for a clock of 20Mhz using clock source system oscillator 0.

The following are the clock values

Core clock : 8 Mhz

Bus Clock : 4 Mhz

External Bus clock : 4 Mhz

Flash Clock : 8 Mhz.

Clock Frequency : 48 Mhz.

Mcg Mode : PEE.


I generate code for the same and try to debug, but uart display garabage characters. I guess it is due to the clock settings 

I have changed . Kindly help me out with a solution to this problem. 

I am trying my best by reading the k64 reference manual and other forum answers related to the uart