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IMX6ULL processor TSC interface related Query?

Question asked by ramesh t on May 23, 2017
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In Imx6ull processor has internal 4/5 wire Resistive Touchscreen Controller so we don't require to use External TSC part through I2C/SPI communication as per my understanding.


Following are the signals used for TSC of LCD module. could you please provide the expansion of ynlr,ypll,xnur, xpul pin names.


I check with the reference design NXP EVK, I have doubt on the xnur, xpul signal connection. Please clarify us


As per my understanding :

xnur - X negative upper right side
xpul - X positive upper left side

ynlr - Y negative lower right side

ypll - Y positive lower left side


Is it correct?