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K64F Variable Frequency PWM

Question asked by Nathaniel Hinshaw on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Nathaniel Hinshaw

Hello all,


I am working on an application in Codewarrior for the K64F that requires a variable frequency PWM output on 6 different pins.  I attempted first to use the PWM bean, but it doesnt have any obvious way to change the frequency in run-time.  This led me to the PPG component, but it doesnt share its frequency to other PPG outputs.  My goal is to share a common configurable frequency across the outputs on a certain clock output.  as an example, the test I'm using is FTM0_C0V and FTM0_C1V.  I am attempting to have both of them share a frequency of 17.4768 ms, with a different duty cycle on each output.  Is there a configuration setting I'm missing, or a different way to solve this issue?  Any help would be appreciated.




Nate Hinshaw