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Compiler MPC5777C

Question asked by Florens Fraidling on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by Ludwig Schreier



i want to use a Trace32 Debugger to program and debug the MPC5777C Evaluation Board.

I have read and customized some examples with the  S32DS IDE, now i want to compile and then run my own software on the actual Hardware.

But I still have some basic questions: how do i get the project files executable for the Lauterbach Debugger to program the MPC5777C?


Is the S32DS IDE sufficient to generate a .cmm File from a build/released project file?

Or is a Crosscompiler from Greenhills or Windriver mandatory, so is S32DS just for programming and then forward the compiler released/build project files?


I would appreciate some clarification, thanks in advance!