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how to update PN5180 DPC calibration data on custom boards

Question asked by Devin Park on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by jimmychan


we can get calibration data from Cockpit. And Cockpit has a button to update EEPROM with new DPC calibration result..

I want to update EEPROM of another board with the same values.


I checked "secure f/w update library", where  I could see OPCODEs for accessing EEPROM.

Similary, I guess there will be for DPC area.

#define PH_DLHAL_HW_PN5180_DL_OPCODE_DL_RESET              0xF0 /**<This command resets the IC. */
#define PH_DLHAL_HW_PN5180_DL_OPCODE_DL_GETVERSION         0xF1 /**<This command provides the firmware version. */
#define PH_DLHAL_HW_PN5180_DL_OPCODE_DL_GETDIEID           0xF4 /**<The command returns the die ID. */


BTW. I looks that Reader Library doesn't have EEPROM update feature. How can I update EEPROM?