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what is clustered-irq and clustered-irq-flags specific to matrix keypad in device tree?

Question asked by CHANDANAPRIYA SALVA on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by jimmychan


Iam working on gpio based matrix keypad ( imx6)

Iam sending platform  data through device tree (dts) file. But in driver drivers/input/keyboard/matrix_keypad.c ,


static int matrix_keypad_init_gpio(struct platform_device *pdev, struct matrix_keypad *keypad)
        const struct matrix_keypad_platform_data *pdata = keypad->pdata;

if (pdata->clustered_irq > 0) {
                err = request_irq(pdata->clustered_irq,
                                "matrix-keypad", keypad);
                if (err) {
                                        "Unable to acquire clustered interrupt\n");
                        goto err_free_rows;



in probe function, the above  function is called and iam not understanding how to pass pdata->clustered_irq in DTS file and their flags and let me know exactly what is pdata->clustered_irq ? ##