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MCUxpresso SDK for KL43 question

Question asked by Allen Yu on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by Alice_Yang


Dear All,

Regarding SDK for KL43 project inside the driver_examples,
No matter which example, there are assert (config) in the code,
Will the structure of this data variable or the value, how do I know what is stored inside what?
Or is it a file that is archived somewhere?


For example:

C:..\download\devices\MKL43Z4\drivers\fsl_lpuart.c and contents line 235assert(config);



    assert(FSL_FEATURE_LPUART_FIFO_SIZEn(base) >= config->txFifoWatermark);

    assert(FSL_FEATURE_LPUART_FIFO_SIZEn(base) >= config->rxFifoWatermark);