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LPC43xx SPIFI flash for flashless part - most types in documentation are obsolete or EOL. Any compatibility list for new designs ?

Question asked by Jaroslaw Karwik on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by Jaroslaw Karwik

What are recommended SPIFI boot flashes ? Most of the ones from original documentation are obsolete or EOL.


I have to change my S25FL064P ( EOL) to new type. I wanted to take S25FL064L which close, but not exactly identical.

It will not be on ROM known types ( different id), so the boot will be slower ( 18MHz instead of 32MHz), 

Besides there are no compatible packages - most new ones are BGA, soics are hard to get. So there will be no backup option in case of failure.


Maybe somebody ( especially from NXP) has a "known-working" list of the newest generations of NOR flashes  ?