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Wrong content-type from emg_static_ffs.exe

Discussion created by Mikael Bonnier on Aug 13, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2008 by Mikael Bonnier
I use ColdFire_Lite_CW6.4_Rev2.0.

I have a problem with emg_static_ffs.exe that generates a c-file that contains a file
system and also the header the web server sends. I've tried Rev:1.2 and
Rev:May 21 2006 19:07:36. The problem is that it sets content-type to text/html for
css-files (should be text/css). This leads to that the css doesn't work in Mozilla Firefox.

Is there a bug fixed version or could someone provide the source code, please.
I've not tested if it sets the correct type for js-files. It would be good to
have the source code so that one can add new types, e.g. for jad- and jar-files for
mobile phones, or other unusual types.